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Tuesday, 23 June 2009 00:00

Water treatment is vital to produce high quality surface treatment as Eisenmann explains

Eisenmann develops, designs, and installs custom-made systems for water purification, waste water treatment, and water recycling for nearly all areas of production and service. This includes a large variety of industries such as surface treatment companies, disposal and cleaning plants, the chemical industry, power plants, the printing industry, metal processing plants, the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and many others.

Depending on the desire of our customers, Eisenmann provides not only the planning, design, and installation of water treatment systems, but also turnkey total solutions, including buildings or even build-operate-transfer models. For this, Eisenmann can utilise experience gathered over 25 years of system design and more than 800 reference installations for water treatment plants.

Around the world, authorities pose increasingly high requirements on the effluent concentrations in the water. At the same time, the needs for the quality of process water in industrial applications or power plants are rising. Eisenmann can offer for each task an adopted process or a combination of processes:

  • Heavy metals will be removed using a precipitation step in a continuous or batch treatment unit. Subsequent polishing can be carried out by sulphide precipitation or selective ion exchange units.
  • Particles or oil emulsions will be separated using sedimentation, flotation or micro/ ultra-filtration. This is often a requirement for further treatment by ion exchange or reversed osmosis, protecting the resin filter from clogging and the membrane from rapid pressure drop.
  • Toxic substances will be decontaminated using the patented Fentox process. Here, a sophisticated two step oxidation process assures a quick and reliable detoxification. As reagents, an iron salt solution and hydrogen peroxide are applied, producing highly reactive OH-radicals. Compared with other oxidation processes, the investment costs are low. Operation can be carried out with flexibility. This process can be ideally combined with a subsequent biological treatment or heavy metal removal. Eisenmann has set up several Fentox plants for the treatment of waste water coming from chemical production.
  • Organic pollutants will be degraded biologically. Depending on the concentration and task, anaerobic and aerobic processes can be combined with an ultrafiltration step, achieving high effluent standards. Eisenmann has set up a treatment unit for the treatment of waste water of a 100 inhabitant village. Here an anaerobic reactor is combined with a special filtration system, reclaiming biogas, ammonia, and phosphorus.
  • Dissolved salts will be removed using ion-exchange, reverse osmosis, or evaporation processes. Ion exchange is usually applied, when the salt concentrations are low and volume flows are high. With an increase in salt concentration, treatment by reverse osmosis is getting more and more interesting. Here, usually higher wastewater streams are produced. Evaporator systems are a choice for low volume flows with high concentrations of salts, as the operation costs are usually high. The final choice will be carried out by means of a detailed analysis of the task and the calculation of investment and operation costs.

As prices for process water and for waste water discharge are increasing, recycling systems are an interesting option. Eisenmann has a deep knowledge for waste water recycling and reclamation. Various process combination including ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, ion exchange, and evaporation have been designed and tested successfully.

The Eisenmann Service offers an extensive range of services. These are tailored individually to the customer’s needs, thereby taking the know-how of the customer’s employees, the cost structure, the processes and the need for expertise into consideration. Our service includes inspection, servicing, repair, remote system diagnosis, on-call Service as well as complete maintenance contracts. Thus, a continuous production is assured.


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