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Efficient order picking thanks to ‘goods to man’
Monday, 20 April 2015 00:00

Eisenmann equips IKEA’s biggest logistics centre

The Swedish furniture group IKEA supplies its branches Europe-wide with products, characterized by high share of order picking, from Dortmund in Germany. The plant engineering specialist Eisenmann, operating on an international level, equipped Europe’s biggest logistics centre with a total of 3,500 m of electric monorail systems (EMS). The EMS systems are designed such that they are used to pick orders. They operate on the basis of the “pick by light” principle.

Besides transporting goods, the system is used for supply and despatch for “goods to man” order picking. The EMS is guided to 384 order picking positions in 48 bays in which orders are picked directly onto automatically readied shipment pallets. The shipment pallets are also forwarded by fully automated shuttles and lifting stations. In accordance with the ‘pick by light’ principle, the order pickers receive their orders on the EMS trolley and also confirm here that they have been picked. The “goods to man” principle has major market potential particularly owing to the high order picking capacity. More efficient and faster handling of logistic processes is guaranteed in combination with a fast and reliable system such as the electric monorail system.

Over 500,000 pallet deposit positions in five silos are supplied by 68 storage and retrieval units featuring an Eisenmann control and software. In addition, the plant engineering specialist supplied around 2,000 m of flat conveyor systems and 272 EMS trolleys for transport weights up to 800 kg. With a throughput of over 300 pallets per hour, the EMS system shortens response times to delivery and thus assists the endeavoured short delivery times from logistics centre to branch.

Eisenmann is one of the leading international suppliers of general finishing technology, material flow automation and environmental technology as well as thermal processing technology. Close to 2,400 qualified employees develop new technologies and facilities for production, assembly and distribution. Engineers, technicians and specialists from various disciplines handle the planning, design, construction and start-up operation of the most advanced systems, including maintenance and system operation.


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